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You are visiting the internet site of the Association Against Parental Alienation (APTA). Association unites parents, relatives, and other people who are experiencing parental alienation, as well as persons and organizations who work with problems associated with parental alienation.

We think that Parental Alienation is a very important issue to our society, since Lithuania is very behind with the subject. The first time Parental Alienation was officially publicly analyzed in Lithuania was December 10, 2011 when APTA organized conference “Parental Alienation Sindrome and it’s Legal Issues in Lithuania” ("Tėvų atstūmimo sindromas ir jo teisiniai aspektai Lietuvoje"). Even though the resolution of further action was developed, Lithuanian governmental institutions did not pay enough attention to it and failed to react.

We invite everyone suffering from Parental Alienation or willing to contribute to join our Association.


Divorce statistics in Lithuania:

 2007 m. – 49,14%,

2008 m. – 42,87%,

2009 m. – 45,12%,

2010 m. – 53,54%