APTA - member of the PEF

APTA is a full member of the Platform for European Fathers from November 6th 2013

P/A Peter Tromp MSc (Secretary General PEF)

Platform for European Fathers (PEF)

The Platform for European Fathers (PEF) was founded on June 27th, 2011 at the European Parliament building in Brussels, Belgium.

PEF is a new and rapidly expanding NGO platform initiative for fatherhood- and shared parenting associations in EU countries. At present 23 organisations from 14 European countries have joined PE.

The Platform for European Fathers (PEF) is operating on the EU policy level, monitoring community law and family and work policies, and campaigning for equal parenting and acknowledgement of the role and significance of involved fathers and responsible fatherhood for children in EU law and policies.

A. Present members:

From the Netherlands:

From Europe:

From Belgium:

From the United Kingdom:

From Ireland:

From Iceland:

From Portugal:

From Spain:

From Switzerland:

From Austria: (Vaeterplatform Österreich)

From Hungary:

From Germany:

From Greece:

From France:

B. Applicant members:

From Spain:

From Malta:

From Lithuania:


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